September 28, 2011

tic toc, tic toc.

I received an e-mail from Shutterfly in my inbox the other day that gave me a coupon code for 50 free 4x6 prints. The deal only lasted through today, so I decided to take a quick second to pick out a few newer shots of Charlotte to order. Color me surprised when my "September" folder contained a measly two photos. Pathetic. Time has gotten away from me, as usual.

Saying I've been logging a lot of work hours lately is the understatement of the century. I've been doing what little work related stuff I can do during the day, and really getting down to business at night when Ryan comes home. I've been working as late as 4 am or just not going to bed at all. Definitely not good physically or mentally, but worth the neccesary sacrifice every now and again to be able to spend everyday with my little lady.

I still have a mountain of work to accomplish by Friday, but I decided to take two seconds to snap some current pictures. Two seconds turned into an hour or so, but who's counting. I will just put an extra pot of coffee on tonight while I make up for it.


We may or may not have matching Ugg boots now.

This hat came with mittens. The temperature hasn't really dipped below the 60's, but she's wore it a few times anyways. Sometimes the wind is chilly..umm. or it's cold in the shade.

I tried to take a few pictures inside with random fabric scraps for a background. Next time I will definitely do this earlier in the day when there is more sunlight. The black & white picture turned out okay...
...but the pictures I tried to take with a pumpkin turned out pretty grainy.
Oh well, better than nothing! I will definitely have a lot of photo op's soon with real pumpkins, too.

I'm glad I took some time out of my day to grab these photos. Everyone always says "it goes by so fast", and wow.. yes times a million. Everyday brings something new. Charlotte is full-fledged crawling, pulling up onto her knees and into e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. It seems like it happened overnight. She is learning how to wave and feed herself, too(the latter isn't going so hot thus far- everything she grabs goes into her mouth except for food- go figure).

It is ridiculously hard these days to try and find balance. I've discovered that I cannot "do it all" (If anyone has in fact figured out how to "do it all", give me a jingle). I don't want to miss any of her milestones, but I also have work and household obligations. It's also a neccesary to set aside time for a little bit of leisure too- and I like to spend time with friends and family as often as I can.

Something has always got to give. Right now it's our house. It looks like a mix between hoarders and the aftermath of a tornado. We have a pile of laundry on top of our dining room table that almost touches the chandelier (hey, it's clean atleast)! I don't even want to talk about what the inside of my shower looks like.

I wish I could be super mom, but I need to remember that I'm doing the best I can with what I've got.

There are only so many things I can try to juggle at once, and impromptu photo shoots definitely rank much higher than a mountain of clothes that need folding anways.