August 11, 2011

I heart Photoshop.

Well, my bathroom still isn't all the way done...
...but I've been messing around with Photoshop in the mean time. I was seriously intimidated when I opened this program up for the first time, but I've been learning how to use it little by little.

Using this tutorial and this tutorial, I shot and edited these pictures today:

Original Picture 1

Edited Picture 1

Original Picture 2

Edited Picture 2

Soo.. her eyes look a little creepy in the first edited pic, but I still haven't learned how to dial down some of the effects. These pictures were shot inside, shockingly enough (I suck at inside pictures) on my couch that was draped with a black sheet. I tried a pink sheet, but it looked ridiculous when I tried to even out the background, kind of like she was glowing off it like a little baby Jesus. Yikes.

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