August 03, 2011

I live in a disaster.

We moved at the beginning of July, and I still can barely walk through our new place. My grandparents used to live here, so we are actually living with two sets of belongings since we are still weeding through their things. Not. Fun.

We also need to redecorate every single room. So far, the only space we have really started on is the kitchen, and it's definitely a work in progress (picture all new paint & some accessories, but no cupboard doors. Ryan, seriously, paint the cupboard doors already).

Since the chaos is driving me nuts, I've decided to start redecorating our main bathroom this weekend since it's the only other room we've successfully emptied. This bath will be used by guests, but will primarily be Charlotte's, so I want it to be sophisticated but still a little fun.

This is what I'm working with right now. Shoot me.

before2 before1

My inspiration are these two paintings I scored at an art fair.


Hello, I'm 26 and I love mermaids.

I'm going to paint the trim and vanity white and the walls this gorgeous color:


I have a problem with the color turquoise, it's kind of an obsession.

I'm ripping that weird cabinet/mirror off the wall and replacing it with a light fixture that I kind of think looks nautical, and this old Ikea mirror I have floating around. I'm not sure if the Ikea mirror will work, but I'm going to give it a whirl.


For the vanity, I have a capiz soap dispenser I got eons ago at Target. I don't have a picture, because I have no idea which random pile of boxes it's in, but it is similar to this style:


I will post pictures when I finish, whenever that may be. I would like to get it all done this weekend, but I have a history of unrealistic time lines. I totally thought we were going to finish our kitchen in one weekend. Here we are a month later, and it's still not done. The cupboard doors, Ryan. The cupboard doors. I know you're reading this.

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